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[Sales and Rentals] I am an audio-visual integrator and want to sell a Reply® system to one of my customers. How do I buy it, and what discounts are available to resellers?

First, you will need to find out the setting in which your customer intends to use the system (e.g., training, focus group, executive planning, employee survey, etc.). Next, you will need to know the outcomes that they expect the system to produce in such a setting (e.g., live response graphs, student scoring and record keeping, decision analysis, X-Y/opportunity plots, statistics, etc.). Then, armed with that information, we invite you to contact us.

Based on your customer's needs, we will propose a 'system' solution consisting of response application software that produces the required presentation graphics, results charts, and data records. This 'system' solution would be purchased from one of Infowhyse's Tier I dealers.

Our Tier I dealers are appointed by Infowhyse to write application software for the products we manufacture. They sell and rent audience response keypad systems, as well as provide system training and technical services. More importantly, they are factory-appointed to qualify and support our Tier II resellers.

As a Tier II reseller, you could qualify to buy the system from a Tier I dealer at a discount commensurate with the value of the opportunity, your involvement in servicing the client after the sale, and your future commitment to promote audience response technology to existing/new clients.

But if making a future business of promoting the our products isn't just what you're ready for at this moment, please know that we're still eager to support your customer's needs...and make it profitable for you to be involved in the sale.

Regardless of whether you become a Tier II reseller or just want to facilitate (and, of course, profit from) a one-time sale, we're very interested in supporting you and your customer. Please fill out the Request Information form, and we'll be happy to respond with an appropriate recommendation.

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