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[Software] Does your system work with PowerPoint*?

Absolutely. Reply® works in several different configurations depending on your needs.

These configurations vary according to the degree to which you want PowerPoint* to actively control the presentation and manage a PC's Com or Ethernet ports (versus the degree to which a purpose built Reply®–enabled application would talk to PowerPoint and manage a PC's available ports).

PowerPoint Control Solution
The advantage of this technique is that you can capitalize on your PowerPoint skills and content. Additionally, the user interface is familiar. The disadvantage, however, is that PowerPoint isn't optimized as a multimedia device control application.

Reply®-compliant Software Control Solution
The advantage of this technique is that the application controlling the wireless keypads is designed specifically for that purpose. The application is also designed to manage various devices external to the PC. The disadvantage, however, is that you must learn and use a different user interface.

Let's look at a few of the configurations available from which you may choose a solution that best meets your needs:

  • The first configuration is a seamless "add in" to PowerPoint that modifies the underlying code of the application to create an integrated interface between PowerPoint software and the wireless keypad system. This configuration adds pull down menu bars to the application so that (1) question design occurs seamlessly during normal PowerPoint slide editing and (2) multiple response graphing options can be accessed during PowerPoint slide viewing. This configuration is popular among PowerPoint users because of the seamless integration with not only PowerPoint slides but also with other Office applications (Excel and Word, which are used for reporting and data analysis functions). This is the top selling PowerPoint solution.

  • The second configuration available uses a "control" or "object" that is embedded into a PowerPoint slide. Simple bar graphs are possible, but custom graphs and demographic cross tabulation are generally not available. This configuration is useful and inexpensive, but it is not as simple and seamless as the first configuration (i.e., an 'add-in').

  • The third configuration lets each application perform the jobs for which it was originally designed. PowerPoint handles slide content, and the Reply® application handles com ports and response graphs. Reply® application graphics packages are virtually identical to PowerPoint, so that transitions from one application to the other are often seamless. Moreover, the Reply® application can control the PowerPoint presentation for ease of use. This is often the implementation used by audio-visual professionals in high risk meetings or special events.

If you would like information on any of these solutions, please contact us.

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