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[Sales and Rentals] Can I buy directly from you without becoming qualified as a ReplyŽ Reseller? Can I write my own software, too?

A Tier I factory-direct relationship requires your commitment to maintain sales and technical support staff for the products we authorize you to resell. It also ties your per-order purchase to an established volume discount method.

If you'd like to resell ReplyŽ systems without meeting all of the qualifications to become a factory reseller, we recommend that you become an affiliate of one of our Tier I resellers. If you're not in the day-to-day business of selling and renting the technology we manufacture, such a Tier II relationship is a flexible way to access ReplyŽ hardware at generously discounted prices.

Also, as a Tier II, you have access to our software developer tool kits (i.e., APIs) so that you can, if you desire, write your own custom application instead of purchasing commercially available products. Our Tier I resellers are authorized to sell ReplyŽ API tool kits to their affiliates and customers.

A word of advice: You may find that some of our Tier I's are willing to modify their software applications to meet your unique needs. We recommend that you evaluate their willingness and price before making your investment in your programmers and our API.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss our requirements for a factory-direct relationship or want a recommendation to one of our resellers.

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