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[Sales and Rentals] How do I rent a ReplyŽ system?

There are two ways that you can rent Reply wireless audience response systems to energize your meeting and training programs: 'do-it-yourself' or 'full-service'.

What is 'do-it-yourself'?

'Do-it-yourself' means that you are responsible for managing all aspects of the interactive event. Reply is a simple and straightforward system, and you'll find few other things about planning and delivering a successful event as easy as using our hardware. We recognize, however, that 'do-it-yourself' is not for everyone since the responsibilities of preparation and technical support rest entirely with you.

You may rent equipment from a factory-authorized ReplyŽ Dealer. ReplyŽ Dealers will require that you formally contract with them for the interactive hardware (base stations and keypads) plus own or rent a copy of eligible application software. The balance of any items/services that you might require for your event would be your responsibility to coordinate, including things such as: designing and authoring your presentation; coordinating equipment delivery, installation, and return shipping; directing audio-visual support; facilitating the presentation; and performing post-meeting activities (debrief, reports, etc.).

If you have the time to properly oversee the project, and if you have a staff that is experienced in orchestrating this type of event, 'do-it-yourself' could be a cost-effective option. However, if you're looking to limit your involvement but want to assure that the event will be successful, we strongly encourage you to use a 'full-service' provider.

What is 'full-service'?

Most people rent interactive systems from a 'full-service' meeting company. 'Full-service' means that you contract with a ReplyŽ Dealer that specializes in this style of meeting services. The Dealer, then, is responsible for managing all aspects of preparing, installing, and operating the ReplyŽ system. That's the main advantage of a full-service solution: the Dealer is your 'one-stop shop' for all hardware, software, and technical support.

If you choose full-service, you will negotiate with the Dealer directly. Infowhyse may recommend service providers from time to time; however, we cannot and do not offer any pricing estimates for their services. Please refer all inquiries to the Dealer.

If you don't have time to oversee the project, or your technical staff doesn't have the experience in staging and managing interactive meeting activities, then you should select the full-service option. Full-service requires much less of your effort, and it could be just the 'insurance' you want for a successful event.

How do I find a full-service provider?

You may already know one! Many people inquiring about rentals are from organizations that currently enjoy rental and preferred pricing relationships with one or more of our experienced ReplyŽ service providers. So you may want to first check with your meeting planning or training team(s) to find out if they've ever used ReplyŽ Wireless Audience Response Systems in the past.

If you don't know a Dealer, Infowhyse can refer you to one according to the following hierarchy:

  1. the Dealer's presence in your organization (reason: to strengthen an existing client-vendor relationship);
  2. the Dealer's familiarity with your organization's products/services (reason: to introduce and apply experience-based strategies);
  3. the Dealer's proximity to your organization's presenters and/or planners (reason: to enhance program development and coordination); and, finally,
  4. the Dealer's proximity to your event's geographic location (reason: to reduce the Dealer's chargeable travel and expenses).
Do your Dealers have equipment immediately available?

Absolutely! Many ReplyŽ Dealers maintain individual rental inventories consisting of thousands of keypads. Additionally, Dealers can access the large inventory of rental equipment that is both stored and serviced at Infowhyse's factory. (Please note that Infowhyse exclusively rents this inventory to its Dealers for their use or subrental.)

What type of equipment is available?

We've been building ReplyŽ for many years, so the versions of keypads owned by Dealers for their service use do vary according to features and 'look'. Additionally, some of our Dealers maintain multiple kinds of response systems, ranging from keypads with internal wireless microphones (for voice reinforcement) to those with full QWERTY keyboards and LCD displays (for alphanumeric messaging and response).

The type of equipment available may be important to you if you're trying to augment the ReplyŽ equipment you own -- to match 'like' systems -- or if you're simply expecting that your event uses the 'latest and greatest' gear. In any instance, we encourage you to first check with the Dealer to verify what models and styles of our interactive equipment they offer. With that information in hand, we then invite you to compare it to the model numbers, pictures, and specifications presented within the Product Information section of this website. If you wish, you may also contact Infowhyse to see if the Dealer's offering includes current equipment.

What's my next step?

Inquiries about availability are appreciated and encouraged; however, inquiries do not reserve rental stock. You should promptly contact a Dealer and execute a rental contract to ensure item availability. Our advice: plan early!

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