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[Technology] One of your competitors told us that polling was an outdated way to conduct audience and student response activities. They also said that the best way is to use a product that employs a commercial protocol like Bluetooth or Z-something.

Of course it’s not true. And you can believe what we’re about to say now (and you’re obviously free to share it with the competitor that gave you that misleading information):

There’s a ton of intellectual property surrounding our successful products. One reason a competitor would have to enter the market with a different RF protocol is self-evident: There’s no other way to legally. And the reason a competitor would probably use a commercial protocol is also obvious: They do not have the RF engineering resources on staff as Infowhyse does to design breakthrough solutions that are specifically targeted to serve the audience/student response industry.

Please understand that we’re not saying that commercial RF protocols aren’t useful. They are…but for their intended purposes. They’re really not useful to our many clients who demand high performance in an audience response system. And here’s why.

Alternative RF protocols like Wi-Fi, DECT, Bluetooth, and others are designed for specific purposes like networking, telephony, limited external device connection, and more. Those alternative protocols are not designed to allow speedy and secure collection of data from thousands of keypads by a single base station that’s handshaking with each keypad in order to confirm that individual responses are collected. Also, commercial RF protocols tend not to change too much over time. Rather, they tend to be replaced with other protocols that often aren’t reverse compatible.

So rather than tie our market leadership positionto radio methods that are not designed for the markets we serve (and which could eventually become obsolete), we prefer to control our destiny with continuing and progressive engineering. Yes, we design and build our own RF protocols. We also try to make our future products compatible with past ones since our products are not only renowned for their durability but our customers usually like to keep getting an excellent return on their initial hardware investments.

We think our decision to create specialized RF protocols has been a good one. It’s certainly been rewarded by the industry. We’ve also sold over 6 MILLION keypads -- all of them RF. Suggesting that our polling system is somehow “outdated” would be a gross misstatement because it would have to inaccurately assume that we’re still using the same polling technology today as we did at the time of the original invention. Obviously we’re not. We have different products and different specialty protocols.

You see, we think customers are smart enough to recognize that a technology ‘created’ can be a technology ‘improved’. “Outdated?” That would be like saying that combustion engines are the same today as they were when the first autos and planes were produced. Just as an F1 racer engine or a fighter jet turbine are huge steps above their preceding Model T or Curtiss engines, so are Reply’s contemporary polling methods a major improvement upon their original forms.

So before you make a purchase decision about any audience/student response system, we encourage you to make sure you understand in detail the respective technologies. That will help you recognize when a claim being made by competitors is inaccurate.

We’ll be happy to stand by all our claims with facts. So give us a call. We’d be pleased to provide you the straight story.

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