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[Custom Products] Can you put our logo on the ReplyŽ keypad or otherwise personalize it?

Yes. Custom keyboards and logo decals or membranes are available in minimum quantity purchases. This cost is in addition to the normal cost of the wireless keypad.

Since these special keyboards and labels are purchased 'bulk', the cost per custom item varies according with the size of the order. The style of customization also influences price. Here's how.

To provide the most distinctive product differentiation, you can replace the entire keyboard with another one that's lithoed with different key symbols, colors, customer logos, etc. However, this will be the most expensive option.

A more affordable alternative is available on systems like the ReplyŽ Interact Series. A custom designed membrane -- either provided by Infowhyse or locally sourced by the customer -- can be applied within the display's cut-out area. Such private branding is relatively inexpensive in small quantities. That makes it affordable for purchase as well as special event rental uses.

Without exception, all bulk purchased custom items must be prepaid. This is because they are unique to the buyer. Also, be aware that there is naturally a lead time for such customization.

If you are interested in custom membranes, please fill out the Request Information form.

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