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ReplyŽ Mini
A compact and wearable audience response system that's ideal for events large and small.

The WRS5100 is being used in interactive meetings, special events, and other feedback activities that the audio-visual industry commonly classifies as ' audience response ', ' group response ', or ' interactive voting '.

Together WRS5100 wireless audience response keypads and a ReplyŽ base station comprise a versatile two-way interactive voting system that includes these features:

  • Slim case with soft touch elastomeric keyboard and LED indicators.
  • Smaller than a credit card and weighs less than an ounce. Fits easily in the palm and may be comfortably worn with an optional lanyard.
  • Two-way spread spectrum radio employing an advanced communications protocol.
  • Frequency hopping delivers high immunity to interference plus signal security to allow the system to operate in the presence of other wireless devices.
  • Works with ReplyŽ (Plus) Model WRS970 and ReplyŽ (Plus) WRS971 base stations.
  • Allows drop-in use with scores of ReplyŽ-compliant software applications.

System Configuration

A basic ReplyŽ Mini system consists of...

  • One ReplyŽ Mini Wireless Keypad per participant
  • Either one ReplyŽ (Plus) Base Station per 500 keypads of the same radio channel in a room, and
  • One copy of value-added application software*


Infowhyse sells its ReplyŽ family of products through authorized resellers. We invite you to contact us for further information or a reseller referral.


Technical specifications are available for download in PDF format.

Notice: By downloading from this location, user acknowledges and accepts all risks accompanying electronic file transfer.

User Identification
  • Each keypad has an RF device identity ("address") between 1-500 and a channel identity between either 1-31 (standard version; stocked item) or 1-72 (custom arena version; special order; special terms and pricing apply).
    • Addresses may be changed by using polling software.
  • Each keypad also has a unique device serial number.
    • Serial numbers are permanent and set during manufacturing.
  • Both the address and serial number may be transmitted with each keypad's response.


  • Compact case. Rugged ABS plastic construction accommodates 2 keyboard designs:
    • Styled to fit comfortably in hand.
    • Wearable with optional lanyard.
  • Dimensions: 3"L x 1.5"W x 0.4"H.
  • Weight: Less than 1 oz with battery installed.
  • Color: Black. (Other colors available. Cost premium, minimum order quantity, and special terms apply.)

User Input

  • 5 elastomeric buttons for entering multiple choice responses. Buttons are labeled 1-5, A-E.
  • Entries can be "speed scored" to 0.05 second (50 millisecond) resolution to identify group response sequence ('fastest finger') during competitive events.


  • Green and Red LEDs confirm user keypresses and indicate when the Base Station accepts the keypad's inputs.

RF Technology

  • Two-way RF keypad uses eligible license-free/license-exempt frequencies to communicate key presses to the Base Station and receive from the Base Station control information and acknowledgements of successful keypad entries.
  • Employs 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transceivers.
    • FHSS offers excellent range, immunity to interference, and signal security.
  • Patented and proprietary radio protocol.
    • Creates a secure communications network between keypads and their associated Base Station.
    • User entries are acknowledged when received by the Base Station. This message acknowledgment is just one of the many patented features of ReplyŽ systems.
    • Permits ReplyŽ systems to operate reliably in the presence of other RF devices (WLANs, PDAs, phones, etc.).
    • Integrated error checking discriminates system signals from all other RF traffic to ensure data accuracy and enhance security.
  • Depending on version, 31-72 channel identities are available to provide installation flexibility and support up to 15,500-36,000 keypads per room.
  • Internal antenna is protected by the keypad enclosure.


  • ReplyŽ Mini is designed to operate in an indoor area 300 x 300 feet. [Note: Other ReplyŽ products offer greater range. See appropriate specification sheets or contact us.]
  • A room's geometry, radio propagation characteristics, and proximity to RF interferers will influence actual range experienced. Elevating the base station often results in a performance advantage.


  • 500 keypads per Base Station channel identity.
    • Standard configuration: Stock. 31 identities available for 15,500 keypads per room/site.
    • Arena configuration: Non-stock. Special terms and pricing apply. Up to 72 identities for 36,000 users per venue.


  • Adjusted by Base Station.
    • See Base Station Models WRS970 and WRS971 specifications.
  • Time stamping identifies each keypad's input sequence in group's response.

Power and Power Management

  • Powered by one replaceable lithium coin cell battery (included).
  • Keypad powers down after each confirmed response transmission to conserve battery life.
  • Battery life is ~25,000 responses or battery shelf life, whichever comes first.
  • Low battery indicated on display. Also, keypad can transmit a low battery warning to Base Station.

Communications Security

  • A proprietary response verification protocol integral to the radio design provides a high degree of signal security.
  • Frequency hopping and proprietary data communications are additional deterrents to clandestine interception.


  • Firmware resides in high performance microprocessor chips that can be reprogrammed to facilitate easy upgrade during the life of the product.
  • Adding keypads to an existing system requires them to be set to unused addresses. No change is required on the Base Station when adding keypads of the same channel identity.

Compliance and Patents

  • FCC, IC, CE certified. Call for details regarding these and other regulatory certifications.
  • U.S. Patent Nos. 5,379,213; 5,724,357; 6,021,119; 6,665,000; 7,277,671; 7,277,671 B1; 7,599,703 B2; 7,747,261 B2; 7,746,820 B2; Re. 35,449. European Patent No. EP 0 697 773; 1 337 127 B1; 1 427 228 B1; 1 478 099 B1. Other U.S. and foreign patents and patents pending.


  • 2 YEAR (limited warranty, factory parts and labor). Call for details.

Optional accessories (purchased separately) include system carry cases. Training, on-site technical support, and similar 'for fee' services are also extra.

ReplyŽ (Plus) Base Station Model WRS970

  • A compact and programmable interface to your PC. Controlled by value-added software* (purchased separately).
    • Also operates with current ReplyŽ-compliant polling software*.
  • Dimensions: 6.5" W x 2.25" H x 5" D.
  • Unit Weight: 8 ounces. (Add 5 oz. for cable.)
  • Capacity: 500 keypads per channel identity.
    • Stock version: 31 identities allows 15,500 pads per room.
    • Arena version: Special terms and pricing apply. Up to 72 identities allows up to 36,000 pads per room.
  • Speed: Base Station polling cycles are adjustable to optimize speed to group size. For example, a group of 50 keypads can be polled every one-half second, whereas a group of 15,500 can be polled in parallel every 2.5 seconds.
  • Connections: Attaches to the operator's PC by USB connection. (USB cable included.)
  • Power Source: USB. Current draw 50 mA.
  • Does not include accessories such as software* and carry cases. These additional items are priced separately.

ReplyŽ (Plus) Base Station Model WRS971

  • Base Station in compact USB Stick styling that communicates with ReplyŽ (Plus)and ReplyŽ Mini (Plus) keypads.
  • Like WRS970, controlled by value-added software* (purchased separately).

Modular Carry cases, Multiple Models Available

  • Ruggedized shipping cases with perimeter clasps.
  • Styled as briefcase, suitcase, or wheeled luggage items.
  • Keypads and base stations purchased separately.
  • Refer to Accessories Price List for additional details.

Application Software

  • * Models WRS970 and WRS971 Base Stations require application software to manage keypad data collection and graph/analyze responses.
  • Multiple titles are available to conduct surveys, delegate voting, group decision making, market research, classroom learning, and other advanced applications.
  • Contact your reseller for specifications and pricing of this value added software.

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