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Everyone knows the most effective meeting and learning activities share a common element: a high level of audience participation. In short, interaction. But not everyone knows that with Reply Systems, wireless audience response technology, you can add interaction in a way that's proven to increase participant interest, encourage participation, improve comprehension, and increase retention.




Audience response technology is known in the industry by many names including interactive voting pads, audience voting keypads, and clickers. These handheld or wearable electronic devices quickly record audience member answers to questions during a variety of meeting, training, and survey activities. You'll find audience response solutions in conferences and seminars for opinion polling, benchmarking, and speaker feedback. In corporations for strategic planning and decision making. In AGM meetings for share voting. In non-profits for silent auctions. In ministries for confidential Q&A. In pretty much any place people gather to interact. So if you're interested in quickly collecting valuable data from groups, consider audience response technology. Whether your need is to immediately grade performance, or identify priorities, or accelerate decision making, or build consensus, chances are there's a Reply® system to meet your needs.

Reply® Interact Pro Audience Response System

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Wide choice of Reply® Keypads.
Whether you need 5 or 5000 keypads we have a system to suit

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Accurate Results

Reply® interactive radio frequency keypads are known for reliability, security and minimal interference. Accurate results every time

Audience Response Software EdiVote Pro -Voting Software

Easy to use Software

Ask a question. Immediate results. Detailed Reports. Our easy to use voting software will have you knowing exactly what your audience thinks. Instant results in real time

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