Infowhyse's CouncilARS™ package is intended for parliamentary or Council voting. It allows the display of voting results per delegate/politician and party either openly (with actual votes displayed on the screen against each vote, colored to indicate who voted what) or secretly (with votes displayed at the time of voting but without indicating who voted what).


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CouncilARS™: Dedicated To Parliamentary or council style voting.

Key Features of CouncilARS™

  • 1 Slide per Agenda Item: Visualization of each item with the corresponding Voting Result.
  • Attendance list
  • Visualization of the result secret or open (choice is yours)
  • Show Logo
  • Store assigned participants to a device number, save it for future sessions
  • Store all requests of the meeting (agenda items) in a list
  • Secret Voting (Indication fields are marked blue)
  • Agenda List based easy Start Voting - Stop Voting - Show Result Handling
  • Detailed Report Printouts for each Agenda Item
  • Open and Secret Voting

Concentrate on the content of your agenda and the selection of the right candidates for the forthcoming elections committee. We take care of the proper and legal unimpeachable conduct of your Votes.

This software is meant for Parliamentary or council style voting. It allows the voting results per Delegate/Politician and Party to be shown either open (with actual votes shown on the screen against each vote, colour coded to indicate who voted what) or secretly (with votes shown as they are cast but without displaying who voted what).


The Secure Vote!