EdiVote® Pro

EdiVote® Pro 3.0

Interact with your audience in realtime. Get immediate, valuable feedback from your audience using EdiVote® Pro 3.0 and Reply® Audience Response Keypads, and/or Reply® BYOPAD™ 3 (for Smartphone Voting)

Key Features:

  • Licensed By Keypad Capacity
  • Supports Microsoft® PowerPoint 2016 - 2019 (32 Bit) or (64 Bit)
  • All Basic Voting Functions
  • Demographics
  • Scoring
  • Multi Digit, Ranking, Rating and Free Number Input
  • Motions with Yes/No/Abstain including Rules and weighted Voting
  • Candidate Elections
  • X/Y/Z Scatter Diagram
  • Advanced Microsoft® Excel® Reports
  • Roster and Scoreboards
  • Moderated and unmoderated texting functionality
  • Ability to select from more than 10 answer options

EdiVote® Pro 3.0 covers all the voting requirements for 85% of most meetings currently held. Using the chosen Reply® Keypads together with EdiVote® Pro 3.0 provides all the standard voting functionality plus demographic groupings, comparisons, ranking, rating, decision making support, shareholder resolutions, candidate elections and the ability to run quizzes with individual and/or team scoring.

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