Reply® Plus

Reply Interact Keypad



Reply® Plus is Advanced Radio Frequency (RF) Technology in a Compact Multifunction Audience Voting Keypad

Reply® Plus Features

The Reply® Plus system employs advanced frequency hopping spread spectrum technology for excellent range, signal security, and speed. Standard features include multiple digit entry for responses and user IDs (up to 12 numbers and symbols), group and individual messaging, moment-to-moment polling, user defined keys, and much more.

​System Configuration

A basic Reply® Plus system consists of...

  • One Reply® WRS7200 Wireless Keypad per participant
  • One Reply® WRS970 or WRS971 Base Station per 500 keypads of the same radio channel in a room, and
  • one copy of value-added application software*.

Infowhyse sells its Reply® family of products through a variety of distribution channels, dependent on the product and your location. We invite you to contact us for further information, a quotation or a reseller referral.

Technical Information

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